Gaa'Oziskwaajimekaag Gabe-gikendaasoowigamig

Floral pattern with text that says, A Culture of Success.



Our semi-annual publication that recaps some of the exciting events and initiatives here at Leech Lake Tribal College.

Current Issue:

Wiindamaage Summer 2017

PDF Logo. Wiindamaage Summer 2017

Previous Issues:

Wiindamage Summer 2016

PDF Logo. Wiindamage Summer 2016

Wiindamaage Winter 2016

PDF Logo. Wiindamaage Winter 2016

Wiindamaage Winter 2015

PDF Logo. Wiindamaage Winter 2015

Wiindamaage Summer 2014

PDF Logo. Wiindamaage Summer 2014

Wiindammage Winter 2016-2017 Annual Report

PDF Logo. Wiindammage Winter 2016-2017 Annual Report


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