Gaa'Oziskwaajimekaag Gabe-gikendaasoowigamig

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Integrated Residential Builder A.A.S.

This program integrates building science applications for energy performance (Passivhaus, zero energy ready home-DOE, Energy Star Rated) and multidisciplinary approaches from ecology, agriculture, architecture and construction into a two-year program. This program prepares you to design, build, integrate, and maintain renewable and traditional energy systems. You’ll develop an in-depth understanding of inhabitant science concepts along with orientation, use, and energy auditing skills, which allow you to perform site assessments. Graduates of this program have working knowledge of a variety of sustainable energy technologies including solar, permaculture design, building envelope, and heating/cooling system alternatives. Our mission to design sustainable human environments puts human social and economic benefit on par with our aesthetic and environmental aims.

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62 Credits

General Education Courses (20 Credits):

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-Req
EDU 100 Critical Thinking & problem Solving 1  
EDU 140 Profesional Skills 3  
MATH 100 Technical Math *College Algebra or higher is a Union Requirement 4  
ITECH 100 or ANI 100 Intro to Computers or Intro to Anishinaabeg Studies 3  
PSCI 110 Introduction to Physical Science 4  
ANI 150 or CARP 212 Traditional Building Arts or Landscape Construction 2  
BUS 270 Entrepreneurship 3  


Residential Carpentry Courses (42 Credits):

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-Req
BLTD 100 Construction Codes 1  
BLTD 110 Blueprint Plans & Construction Estimating 2  
BLTD 114 Construction Safety 2  
CARP 112 Welding I 2  
CARP 114 Framing Sustainable Design 5  
CARP 116 Foundation & Footing Design 3  
CARP 120 Interior & Exterior Finishes 4  
CARP 200 Weatherization Applications in Building 2  
CARP 206 Advanced Framing Techniques 2  
CARP 210 2D Layout for Shop & Construction 1  
CARP 216 Woodworking 2  
CARP 295 Carpentry Internship 1  
ELEC 110 Introduction to Electrical Circuit Theory 3  
ENER 150 Introduction to Renewable Energy 3  
ENER 160 Sustainable Landscape Design & Site Planning 3  
ENER 200 Residential Mechanical Systems 3  
ENER 210 Introduction to Photovoltaics 3  

Non-Course Requirement:

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-Req
  CPR & First Aid    

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