Gaa'Oziskwaajimekaag Gabe-gikendaasoowigamig

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Earth Systems Science A.S.

The program is designed for students to receive an Associate of Science Degree upon completion of the requirement. This program will provide students with a basic understanding of the Earth Systems and their management with an emphasis on the earth systems of the Leech Lake Reservation, using both Western science and Indigenous American knowledge. Earth Systems include the lithosphere (geology), the hydrosphere (hydrology), atmosphere (meteorology), and the biosphere (biology). ESS students will gain an understanding of how the individual systems of the Earth interact, including the influence of humans on these systems. A strong emphasis on environmental monitoring is included in the program to prepare students for careers in the Earth Systems sciences.


Earth Systems Science student pointing to something on a map.

60-63 Credits

Core Requirements (15 Credits):

LLTC Core Requirements- 15 credits   Cr. Pre-Req Term
ANI 100 Introduction to Anishinaabe Studies 3   FA/SP
EDU 102 Miikana (FYE) 2   FA/SP
ENGL 101 English Composition I 3   FA/SP
ITECH 100 Computer Applications I 3   FA/SP
OJI 101 Speaking Ojibwe I 4   FA/SP
Category 1: Communications-3 credits   Cr. Pre-Req Term
ENGL 102 English Composition II 3 ENGL 101 FA/SP
or SPCH 201 Speech and Communications 3 ENGL 101 FA/SP
ESS Program Requirements: 21 credits   Cr. Pre-Req Term
BIO 121 General Biology I & Lab 4   Fall
BIO 122 General Biology II & Lab 4 BIO 121 Spring
BIO 204 Environmental Science 3    
CHEM 100 Foundations in Chemistry 4   Fall
or CHEM 111 General Chemistry 4 CHEM 100  
ENGL 200 Literature and the Environment 3 ENGL 101  
or ENGL 250 Contemporary American Indian Literature 3 ENGL 101 Spring
MATH 155 Advanced College Algebra or Higher 3 MATH 150 FA/SP
ESS Electives: 12 credits   Cr. Pre-Req Term
BIO 140 Ecology 3    
or BIO 200 Ethnobiology 3    
ESS 220 Introduction to Atmospheric Science 3 MATH 150  
ESS 240 Watershed Research Methods and the Leech Lake Area 4 ESS 220 or IP  
FOR 210 Freshwater studies 4 BIO 140  
GEOL 110 Physical Geology and Earth Systems 4    
GEOL 210 Soil and Sediments and the Leech Lake Area 3 GEOL 110  
General Education Electives I- 6 credits   Cr. Pre-Req Term
HIS 101 U.S. and Indigenous American History, 1830-Present 3    
or HIS 150 History of Leech Lake 3   FA/SP
or POLSC 225 Treaty Law and Tribal Sovereignty 3   Spring
or PSY 100 General Psychology 3   FA/SP
or ANI 200 Indigenous American Leadership 3   Spring
or SOC 200 Indigenous American Women 3   Spring
or PHIL 200 Indigenous American Philosophy 3   Fall
or SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3    
General Education Electives II- 3 credits   Cr. Pre-Req Term
ART XXX Art Course, See course descriptions for options 3-6   FA/SP
or MUS 250 History of Anishinaabe Music and Dance 3   Fall
  Total=     60-63 Credits